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Flexibility is King

4 hours 11 minutes ago
Normally we learn more about a crop as late spring turns to summer. This year, the outlook will likely be less clear, which makes flexibility all the more important. 
Unknown Author


14 hours 39 minutes ago
In last week’s Minesweeper themed column, we noted that wheat and soy oil were still rising, but that corn and soybeans were taking on a little water. This week, it appeared that all four were hit by torpedoes and are down at the bow. Some of the bull convoy is still intact. The notable exception is [...]
Alan Brugler

Don't Drink The COOL-Aid

16 hours ago
Mandatory Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL) is back in the news. Dropped after WTO rulings and predictions of financial losses, the controversial labeling issue has resurfaced in a lawsuit against the USDA. 
Julianne Johnston

Count the Rings Around the Corn Collars

18 hours 10 minutes ago
Knowing how to count corn collars at this point in the season is a valuable skill because it can help you make accurate decisions on timing postemergence herbicide applications, says Farm Journal Associate Field Agronomist Missy Bauer.
Unknown Author
48 minutes 55 seconds ago
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