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Mexican Grain Importers Pause Investments

1 hour 16 minutes ago
Whether it’s loaded and driven, or rolls out by rail, U.S. grains are pouring out of our country and heading for end users in Mexico.  “We use raw material [such as] corn, sorghum, wheat and fiber-like cotton seed hulls to make feed for livestock,” said Ricardo Eliz [...]
Jim Dickrell

Mexican Grain Buyers Importing From South America

16 hours 13 minutes ago
Mexican Elevators, Feed Mills Possibly Importing from South America Mexico is a deficit ag producer and for things like corn, imports are essential. While proximity and infrastructure has made the U.S. a logical trading partner, buyers here are now looking to the sea.  As the feed go [...]
Julianne Johnston

NAFTA Investments Face Uncertainty

17 hours 3 minutes ago
Grain harvest in south Texas may be over, but product is still rolling.  “My sorghum is just pretty much gone,” said Charles Ring, a producer from Sinton, Tx. “There are just a few loads left.”  Exports have been essential to prices for decades now.  [...]
Unknown Author

Dairy's Take: Canada, Mexico Markets are a "Big Deal"

19 hours 4 minutes ago
When the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was ratified back on Jan. 1, 1994, President Clinton was in the White House, Forrest Gump was talking about boxes of chocolates and World Dairy Expo had just celebrated its 25th year. Dairy exports were at roughly 3 percent of production and ther [...]
Unknown Author

NAFTA 2.0 Timeline Murky

19 hours 20 minutes ago
NAFTA 2.0 negotiations begin this week in Washington. The hoped-for conclusion will not be as quick as some want, nor take as long as some observers predict. But a long list of policy hurdles is evident.
Roger Bernard
40 minutes 51 seconds ago
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