21 Jun, 2017

The Shrinking Immigrant Labor Pool

Labor | By: Bloomberg News

Arrests of undocumented workers and border apprehensions have risen dramatically

19 Jun, 2017

Immigrant Minors Won't Be Deported

Labor | By: Mike Opperman

President Trump will honor the current Obama-era policy

12 Jun, 2017

Labor Pool to Continue to Shrink

Labor | By: Nate Birt

Even if immigration policy maintains stability, producers are expected to face challenges with worker acquisition and high labor costs, according to The Feed, Farmer Mac’s quarterly update on agriculture.

31 May, 2017

What To Do After a Difficult Conversation

Labor | By: Mike Opperman

Having tough conversations isn’t easy, but how you react afterwards is important

17 May, 2017

Is Immigrant Labor Really "Deport Proof"?

Labor | By: Mike Opperman

Can we trust President Trump that he will leave immigrant farm labor out of his immigration enforcement agenda?

10 May, 2017

Employee Performance Priorities

Labor | By: Mike Opperman

How to reap the benefits of performance-based management 

09 May, 2017

Agricultural Worker Program Act to Be Introduced to U.S. House Next Week

Labor | By: Jim Dickrell

Blue card program could ease labor tension. 

08 May, 2017

Texas Bans "Sanctuary Cities" for Immigrants

Labor | By: The Associated Press

New bill would allow officers to ask about legal status during traffic stops

04 May, 2017

New Legislation Would Prevent Farmworker Deportation

Labor | By: Mike Opperman

Bill would provide pathway to citizenship for immigrants who have worked at least 100 days

01 May, 2017

Pennsylvania Farm ICE Raid, Is Enforcement Strategy Changing?

Labor | By: Anna-Lisa Laca

Amid discussion of leniency toward agriculture by the Trump administration, a mushroom farm in Pennsylvania experienced the exact opposite.