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July 11, 2019

10 Hot Top Articles You Don't Want To Miss

 |  By: Brittany Bowman

As we wrap up this week, here is the most popular content on MILK Business.com.  See which ones you missed to stay up-to-date on dairy industry news.



Sifting through Social: Breakdown of fairlife Facebook coverage

When the animal activist video first broke, Fair Oaks Farms CEO Mike McClosky’s official statement received more than 20,000 Facebook comments.  MILK coverage of the incident also received considerable feedback.  We summarized the dominant perspectives, with example comments, to help you sort through the chatter here.



Returning to the Farm is More Feasible Than You May Think

Although there are considerable challenges, new technology ranging from YouTube to robotics makes entering the dairy industry more feasible.  Mike Opperman encourages the 64% of recent poll respondents who did not want their child to return to the farm with timely wisdom from Paul Harvey.  Read more here.



June Class III Price Loses Steam

Protein and butterfat could be to blame.  Protein prices fell from May, while butterfat prices rose.  That set Class III at $16.17 and ended a three-month stretch of rising price.  Class IV, however, gained momentum and advanced 54 cents.  Read more here.



Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Researchers at the University of Minnesota say management approach impacts farm profitability, not just economy of scale.  Moving forward, farms will need to choose a strategy: scale-adapted dairies, traditional dairies with fewer than 600 cows, and niche-based dairies.  A breakdown of the data here.



Will Less Milk Mean More Money?

We have good news.  Lower milk production mixed with feed quality and price issues have class III and IV futures high for the fall.  Things get complicated, though, when considering lower exports and higher-than-normal butterfat and protein levels.  A more thorough analysis here.


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