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May 11, 2019

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 |  By: Brittany Bowman


Don’t Set Your Hopes on a Longer Season

“I’m dreaming of a [later frost date], just like the ones I used to know.”  Drew Lerner of Weather World, Inc., warns farmers against dreaming of a longer season.  Cooler and wetter weather may even usher in an early frost. Meteorologists are basing predictions on 1977 weather patterns but admit such a wet season has not been seen for at least 124 years.  Read more here.



Comparing SCC by State and Herd Size

It’s not a contest, but … a new report breaks down SCC levels by state and farm size.  Vermont, Michigan and Utah had lowest SCC averages, and larger dairies had lower SCCs than smaller dairies.  Everyone’s a winner, though, with national SCC averages decreasing 37% from 1995 to 2018.  Read a summary of the report here.



Value of Dairy Exports Highest iIn Four Years

World prices were up, Chinese exports were down, and U.S. export values ended higher.  On the rollercoaster of international trade, U.S. cheese export volume is the highest in five years, while whey exports specifically to China are the lowest monthly volume in nine years. Read more here.



Boiling Down Climate Change Misconceptions

Where did the statistic cows contribute to climate change even come from?  In a lively deep-dive, the Minneapolis Star Tribune considers U.N. reports, nutrition, and land use to conclude should receive less heat in the climate change discussion. “When you stick to the knowable, direct emissions, the climate burden of cattle fall away,” says author Paull John Scott.  Here’s a summary of his column.



Brothers Make a Go of Returning to Family Farm

We love a good story of victory against the odds.  With the U.S. Ag Census reporting 57.5 as the median farmer age, these two brothers are taking the leap to enter the family dairy business.  They share tips on attending college, working off-farm, and dividing chores with family.  Read more here.

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