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December 26, 2018

2019 Resolutions You Can Actually Keep—and Benefit From

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

Because most New Year’s resolutions are more times than not broken within hours, days or weeks of January 1, Bob Milligan, a management and labor specialist with Dairy Strategies, LLC, suggests considering one of these four that will actually benefit you, your business and your employees:


  1. Attend a leadership or supervision workshop and use what you learn. “This should be a day-long or preferably a multi-session course or workshop taught by someone who is well-versed in 21st century concepts of supervision and/or leadership,” he says. “It need not be agriculturally focused; if not, it is better if it is family- or small-business oriented.”
  2. “Prepare for and hold a ‘stay meeting’ with each of your employees,” he suggests. The focus should be on the employee’s future with your farm, including increasing responsibilities and career opportunities.
  3. Commit to be a better listener. Listening is an active, not passive task. “Develop a habit of pausing to collect your thoughts before responding is a great way to improve communication,” Milligan says.
  4. Improve the quantity and quality of the feedback you provide partners and employees. “Remember that there are three types of feedback, not two: Positive for good performance or behavior; Redirection for unacceptable performance or behavior when the employee is not at fault; Negative feedback as a last resort when the unacceptable performance or behaviors were clearly due to the employee’s efforts, motivation or actions,” says Milligan.