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December 4, 2018

3 Ways to Attract More Employees with Your Farm’s Story

 |  By: Jennifer Shike

Looking for fresh, new talent? Shift your HR strategy to a more personalized experience for both employees and job candidates. In a recent Forbes article, Heidi Lynne Kurter of Heidi Lynne Consulting, shared three ways you can create a more engaging HR experience to capture top candidates.

Consider how your company’s story can attract the attention of a new generation seeking to work for a company they can relate to and provides the feeling of purpose they crave. “Storytelling is the easiest way to create a connection between people and a brand,” Kurter says. 

Here are three ways you can create a more engaging experience for potential recruits.

1. A Relatable Story Wins
Recruiters used to focus on hard skills and the needs of the company with little emphasis on creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the candidate, Kurter says. Today, new generations desire to know how they will fit in and grow with a company. 

“Job descriptions have since shifted away from brief and concise bullet points to using storytelling techniques,” she says. “This helps to paint a picture that makes candidates feel like they’re a character in a story.”

A study in the Journal of Brand Management said four out of 10 employees struggle to communicate the brand of the company they work for because they lack a clear understanding of it. 

2. A Well-Rounded Team Weaves a Better Story
In order to remain competitive, companies need a workforce with a well-rounded skill set. This requires building a team of individuals from various backgrounds to balance out the skills of the team. Then, use this team to help tell your company’s story.

Create a platform for your employees to spotlight their own experience when candidates interview. This creates a more authentic and credible atmosphere that makes candidates feel included and valued if they were to join the team.

3. Social Media Presence Matters
Social media has become a key way companies communicate their story with external audiences. Humanize your brand with an active and personable social media presence.

“When seeking out and applying for positions, the new generation of tech-savvy job seekers performs extensive research to learn more about the brand, culture, team and overall experience,” Kurter said. “Social proof plays a critical role as the online presence of a company influences the next steps a job seeker takes.”

New generations want to be part of a company that’s aligned with their core values, such as transparency, flexibility, an investment in their future and a focus on social impact.

“Storytelling is a great way to weave the brand into the culture and help candidates get a better understanding of what their experience would be like should they join the team,” Kurter said. 

Showcase wins, spotlight community involvement, engage your audience with a consistent message and personality across all social media platforms.

Don’t be afraid to step up your storytelling. Authenticity and how you communicate it in your story will help you win over those top candidates.