Ron Locke
March 12, 2019

5 Lessons Farmers Can Learn From Google

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

Google is one of the world’s innovation powerhouses. During a time in agriculture where change is around every corner, farmers can learn some vital lessons from the global company. Steve Lerch, former Google account executive for advocacy and associations, shares five such lessons. 

1. Innovation comes from anywhere. “There’s no single person, no single team responsible for innovation at Google,”
Lerch explains. “Everyone should be responsible.” 

2. Think 10x. Analyze your business and ask yourself: How can we do things 10 times better? “That premise is what leads to crazy ideas and innovations,” Lerch adds. 

3. Bet on technical insights. Technology is essential, but it’s the analysis gleaned from that technology that transforms. “You have to fundamentally understand what is unique about your business, your skill set, your knowledge base and your team,” Lerch says. “Once you understand you’re unique, you have to bet on it in a big way.” 

4. Launch and iterate. Constant improvement is a pillar in the Silicon Valley, Lerch says. “The belief is based on this idea that you are never done,” he explains. “Sometimes the most important aspect of a product is the ability to get feedback on it. So, launch a product and improve it with user feedback and do it again.” 

5. Fail well. Make sure your failures are coupled with wisdom earned. Some consider Google Glass one of the company’s best-known failures. However, Pokemon Go, was built by Niantic Labs with augmented reality technology. Technology which was first developed by the Google Glass project. Pokemon Go grossed more than $2B in two years—not a bad side effect for a “failure.”



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