Handful of cash
June 8, 2016

$50 Million Dairy Antitrust Case Settled in Northeast

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The Concord Monitor reports that a $50 million antitrust suit against Dairy Farmers of America and Dairy Marketing Services was settled yesterday, with dairy farmers each receiving $4,000. The farmers alleged the co-ops and Dean Foods conspired to drive down milk prices.

Nearly 9,000 farmers in 11 Northeast states were involved in the suit, which stretches back seven years. Dean Foods reached a $30 million settlement in 2010.

Safeguards were also agreed to that includes the formation of an audit committee with two independent members. And a farmer omsbudperson position has been created to investigate farmer complaints.

Read more here. Or watch the video from "AgDay TV" below:


Not sure how this is a win for dairy farmers, the 50 mil was taken out of our milk checks, now we will get pennies on the dollar.
Yea, take 100 times that from the dairyman and then give back a pitance.......we know who came out ahead on that deal. DFA still up to their tricks and screwing the very people they are supposed to work for.....the dairyman. $4,000 per dairyman is a laughable amount compared to what they lost. Legal thievery!!!!!
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