Snow milk truck
April 20, 2018

April Blizzard Won’t Impact Markets

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

Last weekend a blizzard that dumped several feet of heavy snow hit dairies in Minnesota and Wisconsin with fury, still the storm isn’t likely to impact markets.

On Friday Mike North of Commodity Risk Management Group told AgriTalk After The Bell host Chip Flory some of the largest cooperatives in the country say they only lost 30,000 pounds of milk, which isn’t even half a tanker load, during the storm.

“Our milk haulers are so good at getting out there and getting their job done,” North explained. “[This storm didn't] impact the supply much at all.”

This farmer flew salt on his barn roof to help break up the heavy snow.

The storm did cause several dozen barns collapse, injuring and even killing some cows. According to North, this storm’s snow was four times as heavier than normal which caused the damage, but producers were really quick to go in there and getting things back in working order.

“A lot of guys were back online inside of a day,” he said.

North explained that even on farms that lost cows, most of the damage in these herds will be offset as a function of the normal culling cycle.

“So new cows coming into the mix and springing heifers being added will have those barns back to full very quickly,” he said.


Photo by Corinne Banker