May 3, 2019

April Class III Jumps Almost $1

 |  By: Mike Opperman

The milk price recovery continued in April with Class III prices jumping 92 cents from March, reaching $15.96. This marks the fifth consecutive month of price improvement, dating back to November 2018. The April price was also $1.49 higher than April 2018, according to USDA.

Here are other class prices as reported by USDA:

Class III prices

  • Class II: $16.38, down 23 cents
  • Class III: $15.96, up 92 cents
  • Class IV: $15.72, up one cent

April also marks the first time since October that Class III prices have been higher than Class IV. 

The higher Class III prices were due in large part to continued strong component prices. Class III protein prices took a significant jump from March to April, posting a price of $1.98, nearly 36 cents higher than March.  Class III butter prices came in at $2.5375, off nearly a penny from March prices but about 2.6 cents higher than April 2018.

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