Cows at bunk
May 19, 2016

April Milk Production Up 1.2%

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The United States Department of Agriculture reported this afternoon that April milk production was up 1.2% over last year. More disturbing: Cow numbers continue to climb. They were up 4,000 head over March and a whopping 15,000 head over April 2015.

California, however, did not add to the upsurge in either milk or cows. Golden State milk production was down 3.3% year over year, and cow numbers dropped 6,000 head. Even milk per cow backed off slightly, down 40 lb. per cow.

Wisconsin saw the largest nominal milk increase, up 111 million lb. in April, or some 3.7 million lb. per day. Cow numbers were up just 1,000 head, but milk per cow was up 85 lb., or nearly 3 lb./cow/day.

The largest percentage gain in milk production came out of South Dakota, up 10.5%. Cow numbers there are up 11,000 head. Michigan was up 6.5% in milk; New York, up 5.3%.

New Mexico still appears to be struggling to recover from this winter’s blizzard. It was down 3.5% in milk production and down 12,000 in cow numbers. Texas, on the other hand, was up 1,000 head over last year with milk production climbing 1.6%.

You can read the full report here.