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May 20, 2019

April Milk Production Up Just 0.1%

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The United States Department of Agriculture reported today that April milk production rose just 0.1% from a year ago. Cow numbers in the United States were down 90,000 head year-over-year, but just down 1,000 from March.


California was up 2.6% in production with cow numbers 7,000 head less than a year ago. Wisconsin’s production was up just 0.4%, while cows numbers there were down 4,000 head.


Texas was still up, pumping out 6.7% more milk this March than last, and cow numbers there were up 29,000 head. Colorado was also up, but just 3.7%, with cow number up 7,000 head.


Pennsylvania lost as many cows as Texas gained, with milk production down 7.1%. Virginia saw the greatest percentage decline in milk output, down 11%. Illinois was down 9.6%.


What does all this mean for milk prices? Bob Cropp, a Wisconsin dairy economist, offers this take: “It now looks like there is a good possibility that milk prices could strengthen considerably last quarter of the year. A Class III price near $17 by June and in the high $17’s by September or October seems possible…. But, it wouldn’t take big changes in the level of milk production and/or dairy exports to drive milk prices either higher of lower than this.”


You can read the full April milk production report here.

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