September 4, 2019

Be A Force To Drive Change

 |  By: Mike Opperman

Change is easier for some people than others. Some are willing to change but wait too long to do so and don’t reap the full benefits that a positive change can offer. 

“For entrepreneurs, innovators and all-around game-changers, though, successful disruption is the ultimate goal,” Robert Glazer said in a Forbes article. “If you want to disrupt your industry or the competition, however, you will likely have to disrupt your own business first.”

If you want to drive true disruption in the dairy industry, Glazer suggests these three steps:

  1. Offer something radically new. If you want to disrupt your market, Glazer says, create a solution that offers customers something they didn’t have before or provide a service or product to an underserved customer base. 
  2. Value creativity and innovation over best practices. “To find the right problem to solve, look at the market in ways that established organizations can’t or won’t,” Glazer says. “After all, ‘best practices’ are all about what’s already been done, not something entirely new.”
  3. Put technology and data to work. “No matter what industry you try to disrupt or in what way you try to do it, data and technology can be a huge help,” Glazer says. “Technology doesn’t just revolutionize businesses, it changes how consumers behave in every aspect of their lives.”

Change is ongoing in any industry, so being a little better than the alternative isn’t a recipe for success, Glazer says. To make a memorable impact, be the force that drives your industry into the future.