July 17, 2019

Biden Plan Would Take Ag To Net Zero Emissions

 |  By: Mike Opperman

At a tour stop in Manning, Iowa this week democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he would aim to make American agriculture the first in the world to achieve net-zero emissions if he was elected, according to Politico.

He unveiled his rural policy platform during his trip, which includes revamped trade policy to boost exports, investment in renewable energy and more support for regional food systems.

"Many farmers are some of the best stewards of our land, air, and water," the Biden campaign said in the plan. "As president, Biden will ensure our agricultural sector is the first in the world to achieve net-zero emissions, and that our farmers earn income as we meet this milestone."

The plan also focused on rural health care issues and extending rural broadband capabilities, among other agricultural issues. 

For a link to the full plan, click here