Butter quarters.
October 5, 2018

Butter Makers Also Want FDA To Enforce Standards of Identity

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The American Butter Institute is urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to enforce standards of identity for the use of the term “butter” in product labels.


“We thought this issue was settled decades ago, when the common term for vegetable spreads was ‘oleomargarine.’ But the misuse of the term ‘butter’ on non-dairy products has become ever more egregious in recent years, and FDA needs to remind makers of these products that they are violating long-standing regulations,” says Tom Balmer, executive director of the American Butter Institute (ABI).


ABI members produce the majority of butter consumed in the United States. The organization has specifically called out seven plant-based “butter” brands for mis-labeling their products. Based on a labeling review of these seven brands, ABI underscored how each vegetable based-product contains no actual dairy ingredients, and called out some for lacking the positive nutritional profile associated with real butter, says Balmer.


The most blatant mislabeling comes from Miyoko’s Kitchen “Vegan Butter” and Fora Foods’ “FabaButter”, because these vegetable spreads contain no actual dairy ingredients. Other brands lack the nutritional profile associated with real butter.


“The way in which these brands use the term ‘butter’ is false and misleading,” says Balmer. “We’re bringing this deception to FDA so that it can rectify the issue and ensure truth and fairness in the marketplace.”


Read ABI’s comments sent to FDA recently here.


Stupid lawsuit. Nobody accidentally buys vegan butter because they think it is real butter.