Girl pouring milk into glass.
April 10, 2017

California To Expand Producer Review Board to Deal with Quota Issue   

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The California Department of Food and Agriculture announced it will expand its “Producer Review Board” from 5 to 13 members to help it deal with the milk quota issue.

Under a proposal to bring a Federal Order to California, USDA has tasked CDFA with administering the state’s decades old quota program. Currently, the five-member Producer Review Board has dealt with more mundane quota issues such as transfer between farms. But CDFA wants to expand the Board as it grapples with administering the quota program under the umbrella of a Federal Order.

A meeting was held April 4 in Modesto to gather input on whether the quota program should be maintained. Most producers and co-ops at the meeting voiced strong support for the program. But a small group of farmers, who currently ship their Grade A milk to a cheese plant and do not contribute to the quota, voiced opposition.