September 20, 2018

Canadian Farmers: Milk Is Not a Bargaining Chip

 |  By: Bloomberg News

As NAFTA talks intensify in Washington, Canada’s dairy farmers implored Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not to trade access to the country’s protected milk market for a deal with the U.S.

Pierre Lampron, president of the Dairy Farmers of Canada, says the industry has already lost C$250 million ($193 million) in annual business from concessions in past trade agreements and won’t accept further losses.

“The whole work of our lives seems to have been reduced to a bargaining chip,” Lampron told reporters Wednesday in Ottawa. “The dairy sector can’t once again be negatively impacted by another trade deal. Enough is enough.”

“We hold our prime minister to his promise and his statement that he will defend supply management and dairy in the context of the NAFTA negotiations,” Wiens said at the same Ottawa event. “We have articulated to him very clearly that support for supply management, support for dairy, means that there is no access given.”

Trump has regularly pressed for dairy concessions as essential for a NAFTA deal.


....Stand fast, Pierre....don't let us bully you...producing milk without responsibility for the market is creating heart ache and financial ruin for all of us small farmers south of your borders....I envy your position ,but know that taking you down will not help us down here one bit.....