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April 22, 2019

Celebrate Earth Day with These 8 Dairy Farm Sustainability Stories

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

There’s an old saying that says every day is Earth Day for a farmer. While it’s a cliché statement in my opinion, it’s true. Dairy farmers spend each and every day focused on making their businesses environmentally, financially and socially sustainable. In honor of Earth Day, we gathered up eight stories that tell the story of environmental sustainability on U.S. dairy farms.


We’ve Been Sustainable for Generations

While farmers have been sustainable for generations, consumers are further removed from the farm and are asking more questions about agriculture’s sustainability efforts. Read the full story here:


How Dairy Sped Past Other Industries To Advance Farm Sustainability

Unlike many sectors of agriculture, the dairy industry has successfully woven together disparate supply chain stakeholders to adopt common best practices and advance consumer outreach. A significant part of that success can be attributed to organizations such as the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, which convenes executives from farms, food companies, processors and other sectors to set a vision for the industry and put steps in place to achieve it. Read the full story here:


U.S. Dairy Industry on Top in Sustainability

The news on climate change in 2018 has been startling to say the least, but the U.S. dairy industry—by virtue of its efficiency—appears to be doing its part to stem the steady path toward irreversible climate changes and economic disruption. Read the full story here:


Measuring Farm Sustainability

As consumers and food companies seek more information about the way food is produced, dairy farmers have access to a number of programs that can help them quantify on-farm sustainability practices. Read the full story here:


California Farmer Develops First Electric Feed Truck

As the fog lifts on his Marin County organic dairy farm, Albert Straus is feeding his nearly 300 cows. His feed truck looks just like any truck you’d see on a modern dairy. However, this truck isn’t like most feed trucks in the U.S. Straus’ is powered by electricity. Read the full story here:


Washington Dairy Launching Renewable Natural Gas Project with Digester

A dairy in central Washington is partnering with several energy companies in an effort to turn dairy waste into renewable natural gas that can be used for transportation. Read the full story here:


New York Dairy's Investment in Technology Spans Generations

As the sun comes up, Don Jensen III makes his way to the methane digester on his family’s farm to perform daily maintenance tasks. Managing the digester is his responsibility. At Lawnhurst Farms the Jensen family has a commitment to technology that spans generations. Read the full story here:


Worms Turn Manure Into Irrigation Water

Most people wouldn't associate manure with clean water, but one dairy in Washington is turning manure into water using worms. Read the full story here: