Milk pitcher and glass.
July 8, 2020

CFAP Dairy Payments Slow Last Week

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

Just $70 million in Coronavirus Financial Assistance Program (CFAP) dairy payments were made last week. It’s unknown whether the July 4th holiday slowed applications or if most dairy farmers who plan to apply have done so.

A total of $1.115 billion in dairy payments have been made as of July 6, reports the United States Department of Agriculture.

Wisconsin farmers continue to lead the nation in dairy CFAP payments, with 4,853 farmers there receiving $236 million. That’s an average of just under $50,000 per farm.

Eight hundred nineteen California dairy farmers have received $152 million to date, for an average of about $185,000 per farm.

CFAP payments to all commodities total about $5.4 billion thus far. Cattle producers have received the most, at $2.3 billion. Dairy is the second largest recipient.

You can see all CFAP payments here.