China trade
June 15, 2018

China Places Tariffs On U.S. Dairy Products

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

In response to the $34 billion tariffs President Trump placed on Chinese goods on Friday, Beijing retaliated with a long list of tariffs including corn, soybeans, wheat and several dairy products.


Among products listed are whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder, two products the U.S. has traditionally sent in large quantities to China. Lactose, infant formula, casein and caseinates are the only powder products not included on the list.


According to data from the U.S. dairy export council, U.S. exports to China, who was our fourth largest export customer in 2017, have been up in 2018 compared to the previous year. In 2017 total value of dairy exports shipped to China January – April was $179 million. The same time frame in 2018 totaled $203 million.


Chinese dairy exports


Fortunately, these tariffs will not go into effect until July 6. Pro Farmer analyst Jim Wiesemeyer says that will hopefully give negotiators from both countries to come to an agreement before these tariffs go into effect.


“If we would have continued positive developments regarding North Korea, the possibility is that could give President Trump a way either to delay the July the sixth implementation date saying China is helping us, or it could increase the positive spirit so maybe the two countries can come together on an overall deal,” he says.


Here’s a full list of the dairy products impacted by these tariffs:


231 04011000 Unconcentrated unsweetened milk and cream, not exceeding 1% fat content (skim milk (liquid)


232 04012000 Fat content 1-6% of unconcentrated unsweetened milk and cream

233 04014000 Fat content 6-10% of unconcentrated unsweetened milk and cream

234 04015000 Unconcentrated unsweetened milk and cream with a fat content of more than 10% (cream (liquid)


235 04021000 Fat content ≤ 1.5% solid milk and cream (NFDM/SMP


236 04022100 Fat mass >1.5% unsweetened solid milk and cream (WMP


237 04022900 Sugared solid milk and cream with fat mass > 1.5%

238 04029100 Non-solid milk and cream, concentrated but unsweetened

239 04029900 Non-solid milk and cream, concentrated and sugared

240 04031000 Yogurt

241 04039000 Buttermilk

242 04041000 Whey and Modified Whey (Dry whey


243 04049000 Other products containing natural milk (MPC


244 04051000 Butter

245 04052000 Cream sauce

246 04059000 Other fats and oils extracted from milk (AMF


247 04061000 Fresh cheese, curd (Mozzarella


248 04062000 Grated or powdered cheese (Shredded mozzarella and shredded blends


249 04063000 Other processed cheeses (Processed cheese


250 04064000 Blue cheese, textured cheese

251 04069000 Other cheese (American/Gouda/all other cheeses