September 3, 2019

Coca-Cola To Start Dairy Advisory Council

 |  By: Mike Opperman

The Coca-Cola company announced last week that it would be establishing an International Dairy Advisory Council to help guide policy improvements around animal welfare. This comes after an undercover activist video showed acts of animal cruelty that happened on Fair Oaks Dairy, which supplies milk to fairlife. The Coca-Cola company owns fairlife. 

“Any form of animal cruelty is unacceptable and against our value,” according to information provided by the company. “That’s why we took immediate action with our partners at fairlife to make this right.”

Those actions included the following:

  • fairlife immediately discontinued the use of milk from Fair Oaks Farms. 
  • fairlife conducted independent audits at its supplying farms. 
  • The Coca-Cola Company conducted its own independent third-part audits of farms supplying fairlife. 

The company says that beyond the audits there is still more to do. 

“We are identifying both near- and longer-term opportunities for our suppliers to continue improving animal and worker care practices — not only to ensure they are best-in-class, but to ensure they reflect the values we believe in and the high expectations our stakeholders have of us,” according to the company. 

Those immediate next steps include the development of the advisory council. The company also vows to work with fairlife to strengthen oversight and governance of all aspects of its dairy supply chain, including animal health and husbandry, on-farm management, housing, transportation, environment and biosecurity. The company will also leverage its expertise on human and workplace rights programs and policies to support fairlife in enhancing these practices on supplier farms. 

An animal welfare conference was held recently at Fair Oaks Farms, hosted by Merck Animal Health. The program brought together all aspects of the food chain across several different species groups. Dr. Angela Baysinger, animal welfare lead with Merck Animal Health spoke with Chip Flory during a recent AgriTalk segment: 


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