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August 30, 2016

Corn Silage Pricing App Makes its Timely Debut

 |  By: Ben Potter

Local conditions do vary, but for the most part, corn silage harvest occurs between late August and early November. In time for the 2016 corn silage harvest is a new app developed by two University of Wisconsin Extension agents that will help farmers quickly estimate the value of their standing corn silage.

Greg Blonde and Ryan Sterry developed the app based on a detailed spreadsheet Sterry created the help with a few other UW state Extension specialists. Their interest began because even though Wisconsin silage is worth upwards of a half-billion dollars, there is no established commodity market as there is for corn or soybeans.

That makes pricing standing corn silage relatively difficult. Should a seller harvest now or let the corn mature and market it as dry grain instead? And what additional costs will be incurred for making such a decision?

That’s where Corn Silage Pricing comes in. Users can access current corn and hay market prices, and enter in their own yield estimates and harvest costs. They can also view the difference in the value of soil fertility removed from the field due to a silage harvest versus a later grain harvest. Added together, users can use this information to determine a standing value per acre for their corn silage.

“The Corn Silage Pricing mobile app not only allows farmers, Extension Educators and other Ag professionals to access current market information for both grain and hay at the same time, it’s a convenient tool to determine the value of standing silage for buyers and sellers alike,” according to Blonde and Sterry.

The app is free to download on Android devices. Click here for details. For 99 more farming and agriculture app reviews, visit