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November 6, 2019

Dairy Farmer Contradicts Pulse Poll, Says Trump Support Is Dwindling

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

The debate over whether or not farmers still support President Donald Trump is one that won’t likely end until the 2020 elections are over. One dairy farmer, in an op-ed for USA Today, says Trump support is dwindling. However, the most recent Farm Journal Pulse Poll shows there’s still plenty of farm country support for the president.

Farmers throughout the country continue to be frustrated by the ongoing trade war that has made a tough year worse. While farmers were dealing with all of the challenges Mother Nature threw their way in 2019, they were also faced with low commodity prices, in part because of the trade war. According to Pennsylvania dairy farmer Rick Telesz, farmers are “over it”. 

“Farmers aren’t as easily fooled as the president thinks. We are the put-up-or-shut-up type. And for more than a year now, instead of progress, we’ve seen empty promises,” he said in USA Today on Wednesday. 

However, the most most recent Farm Journal Pulse Poll shows a lot of farmers still support the president. In fact, the poll shows 78% of farmers still approve of how Trump is performing his job as president. More telling, 57% of farmers who responded are in the strongly approve category now, compared to 43% in August. 

“For there to be any hope, empty promises and half measures need to end, and real deal-making needs to begin,” Telesz wrote.

He’s referring to the phase one deal with China that President Trump is expected to sign and announce later this month. While details are still murky, most analysts believe it will be months if not years before a complete deal will be reached. In fact, Pro Farmer Washington policy analyst Jim Wiesemeyer says some believe China will drag its feet on a full deal until officials there see if Trump wins in 2020 or not. 

Still, Telesz says without an end to the trade war, he’s not supporting Trump.

“As the calendar turns to 2020, I have no doubt we’ll hear even more promises about protecting farmers, particularly in my home of Pennsylvania,” he wrote. “As for me, the only promises I can make are that I won’t be buying tractors or land anytime soon and that, when November 2020 rolls around, if the trade war isn’t a thing of the past there’s no way I’ll be voting for President Trump.”


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