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March 28, 2017

Dairy Farmers Express Brexit Concerns

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

As the first official steps of Brexit are underway in the EU, dairy farmers express concern over the new borders, especially between the UK and Northern Ireland. Farmers there say the border could potentially impose issues related to labor, trade and the movement of milk in the region.

The Ulster Farmers’ Union took their concern to the European Commission this week, reports the European news site Farming Life.

Farmers in the area who currently ship milk south of the proposed border are concerned about what the impact of the border will be on milk movement.

“A large number of dairy farmers here are members of co-ops in the South. Clearly, there are strong links between farmers here and processors south of the border, and indeed vice versa. This applies to other sectors as well as dairy, and we were encouraged that the will seems to exist in Brussels for a soft border,” UFU chairman William Irvine says.

According to this story, Irvine and dairy farmers in the region are also concerned over the potential trade impacts of Brexit.

“Tariffs on agriculture products would have a significant impact on the dairy industry. Being able to trade with the EU tariff free is crucial,” he says.

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