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October 27, 2016

Dairy Farmers Hold Out Hope for Trans Pacific Trade Deal

 |  By: Associated Press

As the trade deal known as the Trans Pacific Partnership has taken a pounding on the presidential campaign trail, at least one group is holding out hope for the stalled pact: Wisconsin dairy producers.

They see nothing but advantages from the deal negotiated by the Obama administration that could increase exports at a time when their cows are producing more milk than ever in a domestic market that doesn't have room for all of it.

"When I look at it through the lens of the dairy industry, I don't think there's a negative to it," said Mitch Breunig, who owns a herd of 400 cows near Sauk City.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have opposed the Asian-Pacific trade pact. As secretary of state, Clinton once called the TPP the "gold standard" of trade deals, but she announced her opposition it last year, saying it did not meet her standard for creating jobs, raising wages and protecting national security. Trump describes TPP as a catastrophe only he can stop.

But Breunig is among those who say the opponents of TPP, an agreement with 11 Pacific Rim countries, aren't considering the agricultural benefits.

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