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July 24, 2018

Darigold Plans to Expand Global Presence, Increase Exports to 50%-plus

 |  By: Wyatt Bechtel

The international footprint of Darigold Inc. will more than double when the processor expands marketing efforts and the processor hopes to increase export volumes to more than 50%.

Darigold announced plans to expand its global customer service and long-term commitment to growth in international markets by creating an overseas sales, service and distribution network. Offices have been opened in Mexico City, Singapore and Shanghai, and Darigold plans to expand into more countries.

Currently, more than 40% of Darigold farm milk production goes into export products. The company expects that number to climb past 50% in the near future. That growth will be achieved by growing from marketing in 20 countries to more than 40 countries, according to a press release from Darigold.

“We are excited to expand with new in-house international capabilities and better serve our customers worldwide through a direct network,” says Darigold President and CEO Stan Ryan. “With an expanded global team, Darigold can fully realize the potential of providing Northwest dairy products’ unique sustainability, quality, nutrition and taste to the world.”

Dairgold plans to maintain its headquarters in Seattle and is celebrating its 100th anniversary after being founded in 1918. The processor is a subsidiary of Northwest Dairy Association (NDA), which is owned by nearly 500 dairy farm families in the Northwest U.S. The processor receives approximately 10 billion lb. of milk from dairy farmers annually and operates 11 processing plants.