Immigrant march
February 15, 2017

"Day Without Immigrants" Scheduled for Today

 |  By: Mike Opperman

In order to raise the importance of immigrant labor on the U.S. workforce and protest President Trump’s immigration policies, a national labor strike is being organized for Thursday, Feb. 16.

According to the movement’s social media page, “we, the Nation’s immigrants, sons and daughters of immigrants and immigrant supporters, will be demonstrating how crucial we are to the basic fundamentals of the United States’ economy. . . . they don’t like immigrants? Let’s give them a break for one day.”

The strike could potentially include workers on dairy operations, but is likely spread much broader than that to other industries. According to the American Dairy Coalition, this potential labor strike looks much different than employees not working to attend a protest. “Strikers are told to stay home and not spend any money to increase the financial impact” according to the organization’s release.

Dairy producers should continue to reinforce the importance of the work immigrant labor performs on dairy operations and encourage open dialogue to discuss important issues. In addition, producers should have a backup plan should a portion of the workforce choose to demonstrate.  

Thursday’s planned work stoppage comes shortly after Milwaukee, Wis. hosted a rally on Monday. Thousands of protestors marched through the city calling for an end to President Trump’s immigration crackdown.

Photo credit: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel