Cows feeding at bunk.
January 24, 2018

December Milk Production Up 1.1%

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

December milk production rose 1.1%, and annual milk growth for 2017 was up 1.4%, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported this afternoon. Note: The release of the December report was delayed one day due to the government shutdown over the weekend.

USDA also estimates that cow numbers on U.S. dairy farms again exceed 9.4 million, up 3,000 head from November and up 47,000 head from a year ago. Milk per cow in 2017 average 22,938 lb, another record but up just 164 lb from 2016. Total milk production for 2017 came in at 215.4 billion lb, up 3 billion from last year.

California again saw a decrease in milk output in December, down 0.3%, and 33rd month out of 37 that milk production has declined in the Golden State. That lower production was cited as the reason for California Dairies, Inc., announcement last week that it was closing one of its six manufacturing plants.

Other states reporting production declines in December: Florida, -4.6%; Idaho, -0.2%; New York, -2.2%; Vermont, -0.9% and Washington, -1.1%.

Colorado was up 9.2% with 11,000 more cows. Texas was up 8.1%, with 25,000 more cows, and Utah was up 6.2%, with 5,000 more cows. Wisconsin was up just 1% in milk production; Michigan was up 2.5%.


Read the full report here.