July 16, 2018

Despite Trade Tensions, Trump Still Favored In Farm Country

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

President Trump’s trade tactics are causing pain in farm country, but that’s not knocking the president off his favored pedestal.

“Despite all the high anxiety in farm country over the Trump trade tariffs, the president's polling improves in key farm states,” according to Pro Farmer’s policy analyst Jim Wiesemeyer.

According to the latest Morning Consult tracking poll, President Trump’s net approval rating has improved in Indiana, Missouri, and Montana since the first of the year.

“Trump also has a net positive approval rating in North Dakota and Florida, two states with close Senate election contests,” Wiesemeyer says.

Check out this map from Morning Consult.



Notice the major dairy states, including Wisconsin, California and New York, do not currently approve of President Trump.