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July 21, 2016

Don't Let An Accident Cost You the Farm

 |  By: Ben Potter

Fred Whitford, director of Purdue Pesticide Programs, isn’t one to mince words – and he certainly didn’t when talking about truck accidents with attendees of the 2016 Farm Journal Corn College.

“Accidents happen,” he says, “but if you are at fault, bad things can happen. Accidents can take away the farm.”

Whitford  offered advice that will prevent farmers from finding themselves in that catastrophic situation. He admits the stakes have changed over the years, too. For example, farm drivers are driving longer hours, and often find themselves on congested highways. Employee turnover means you might not know your newer drivers as well, and the public overall is less experienced diving around farm machinery.

And last but not least, the farm equipment itself has gotten much larger in recent years, Whitford says.

“We operate big pieces of equipment,” he says. “Your dad or granddad’s implements look like little toys by today’s standards.”

Whitford’s blueprint for success involves exercising caution and leaving as little to chance when it comes both to the equipment and the driver. That’s because if you put a driver in a farm vehicle and that driver gets into an accident, both the driver and the farm owner could end up being liable for damages.

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