April 1, 2019

Don’t Ignore Employee Safety Training

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

Employee training is not just critical, it’s absolutely vital for the health and wellness of not just your cows, but your team. Today's dairy workforce needs to know how to handle large animals, operate specialized equipment, and deal with extreme weather conditions without harming themselves or animals. A new video series from the Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium called "Considering Human and Animal Safety" provides best practices on how to safely and productively care for dairy cows while reducing risk of injury to yourself. The videos can be watched in English, Spanish or K'iche.


Outside Animal Care


Topics covered include moving cows safely, understanding how cows see, working with locking stanchions, treating animals in chutes, hoof trimming, and being safe around bulls.

Parlor Safety


Topics covered include general milking practices, tips for keeping cows calm and comfortable, a description of the milking routine, recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) like aprons and goggles, an overview of milking parlor styles, working with chemicals, electrical safety, machine room safety and other safety issues that you should be aware of when working in a milking parlor.

Feeding and Other Safety Issues


Topics covered include working with power take offs (PTOs) and heavy equipment like loaders, mixers, and other tractors. Safety tips are also provided for using four wheelers (ATVs) and waste lagoons.