Milk swirl
May 22, 2017

Elanco Seeks Injunction to Stop rBST Ads

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

On Friday, May 19, Eli Lilly Elanco US Inc. filed for injunctive relief from rBST ads being run by Arla USA, claiming the ads were false and unfair.

Arla began running the ads in late April, depicting a child’s interpretation of what rBST is through an animated video that depicts it as a six-eyed monster with razor-sharp horns and electrified fur.

“We believe these ads intentionally frighten and mislead consumers in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage,” says Eric Graves, President, Elanco North America. “In fact, the FDA has concluded rbST poses no human health risk and requires companies to disclose that there is no significant difference between milk produced from rbST-treated and non-rbST-treated cows if they include the ‘rbST-free’ claim on their packaging.

“This Arla campaign blatantly disregards the proven safety of rbST as well as the real consequences of removing this type of innovation from our US dairy industry,” Graves says. “We will fight to protect this important technology for future generations of dairy farmers.”

Elanco maintains that removing rBST from the dairy industry will have a direct impact on the sustainability and economic viability of dairy farms.

Mike Hutjens, professor emeritus from the University of Illinois supports that conclusion: “Products like rbST greatly improve farmers impact on the environment without changing the composition, quality or nutrition of the milk their cows produce. We should not ignore science and technology that have been proven safe and effective for the sake of marketing claims that confuse consumers.”