Milk powder.
June 27, 2018

Europe Has Issues With Canadian Dairy Policy, Too

 |  By: Jim Dickrell


Politico reports that European Union dairy officials are as peeved at Canada’s dairy policies as the United States, saying Canada’s Class 7 subsidized dairy proteins are displacing EU sales in Algeria.


Last year, Canada sold about 13,000 metric tons of skim milk powder to Algeria, up from no sales in 2015. The Europeans also take issue with Canada’s high import tariffs on dairy products as well.


“Canada is — in the dairy world — North Korea,” one industry official told POLITICO.


The one point Politico does get wrong is that it quotes a Canadian dairy official that claims U.S. dairy farmers are subsidized to the hilt. While U.S. farmers do get government-subsidized insurance rates on crop and dairy margin insurance, they often pay in more in premiums than they receive in indemnities.


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