August 22, 2016

Farm Journal Media Announces MILK and Dairy Editorial Leadership

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

Farm Journal Media announced today that Mike Opperman joins the MILK team as MILK editor and brand leader, effective immediately. Opperman brings with him broad livestock industry knowledge with strong system experience and relationships, including front-line production, influencers, processing, further processing, packaging, branding and marketing, branded food companies and retail.

In addition to leading the MILK suite of products—including MILK magazine, a robust website and eNewsletter and MILK television and radio segments—Opperman will also serve as the editorial director for all Farm Journal dairy offerings. The Farm Journal dairy offerings, including MILK and Dairy Herd Management, provide unparalleled reach and frequency opportunities in the dairy marketplace while reaching those who produce more than 90% of U.S. milk.

“Mike is an outstanding leader and journalist who understands the intricacies of all facets the U.S. dairy system, while understanding what dairy producers want, and need, to succeed,” said Cliff Becker, Vice President and Publishing Director. “Mike knows what it takes to run a successful, sustainable, large dairy operation in a rapidly evolving industry and will readily bring that information to our dairy audience.”

Opperman is no stranger to the dairy business or media, he began his career with Hoard’s Dairyman, and has stayed close to the dairy industry throughout his career. Opperman most recently served as the director of account planning at Charleston|Orwig where he helped companies understand communication gaps, then collaboratively build integrated marketing and engagement strategies.

“I look forward to working with Mike to serve this ever-changing and progressive industry segment,” said Jim Dickrell, Dairy Herd Management Editor. “He will serve as a change agent and will help MILK magazine and all of Farm Journal’s dairy offerings continue to be the premiere news and information outlets in the industry.”