Workers feeding dairy calves.
December 11, 2019

FARM Program Workforce Evaluation Tool Open for Comment

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The National Milk Producers Federation’s “Farmers Assuring Responsible Management” (FARM) Program has developed a workforce evaluation tool which farmers can use to ensure they are using best practices for workers and their safety.

Use and verification of these best practices will further assure dairy buyers and retailers that farmers are doing all they can to treat fairly and protect their workers.

The tool includes about 20 questions on human resources, including the farm’s handling of record keeping, labor policies and training. It also includes a half dozen questions on how worker safety is handled and verified on the farm.

The tool is currently being evaluated by about 60 dairy farms across the country. Dairy farmers themselves can also offer comments on the tools. That comment period is now open and will end January 20, 2020.

You can view the tool here  and provide feedback.