Working in milking parlor.
March 20, 2017

February Milk Production Up 2.3%

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

Adjusting for leap year last year, the United States Department of Agriculture reports that February milk production in the United States was up 2.3%. Cow numbers were up 56,000 over a year ago, and up 4,000 head from January.

Because last year was a leap year with 29 days, many of the states reported milk declines. But adjusted for the extra day, states such as Colorado, Kansas, Michigan and South Dakota all reported strong milk output. On an adjusted basis, Colorado was up 6.9% with 8,000 more cows than a year ago. Kansas was up 7.6%, with cow numbers also up 8,000. Michigan was up 4.8% in milk production, with cow numbers up 11,000. And South Dakota was up 4.5%, with cows up 4,000.

Both New Mexico and Texas reported double digit milk production growth, but both states were in the throes of recovering from a major blizzard that pummeled the Southwest last January. It appears both states have recovered, with cow numbers up 14,000 head in New Mexico and up 40,000 in Texas.

California, which had shown increased milk output in late fall, was about two percent below last February when adjusted for Leap Year. Cow numbers were 15,000 below from a year ago.

Wisconsin keeps rolling along, with milk production up 1.4% over a year ago. Cow numbers in the Badger State remain unchanged from a year ago.

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