June 15, 2018

H-2A Visa Requests Increase 65%

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

As the number of unemployed Americans hit a near 44-year low this week, the number of H-2A visa requests have more than doubled. 

According to the department of labor, the number of six-month H-2A visa requests sits around 113,000. That’s 65% higher than when President Trump took office. 



While farmers like Chalmers Carr, who employes more than 850 H-2A workers every year on his South Carolina peach farm, continue to advocate for immigration reform, they realize the current program is what they have to work with. 

“I have a full-time person dedicated to following the H-2A program and ensuring we get all of our paperwork done just right and on time,” he told Anna-Lisa Laca on The First Years Podcast. 



Still, farmers and industry analysts alike are looking forward to next week when a pair of ag-friendly immigration reform bills will make their way to the House floor.

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