Cheese wedges.
July 22, 2017

Hilmar Cheese To End rBST Use

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

Hilmar Cheese, with plants in California and Texas, recently notified its producers that they will need to end rBST use by June 2018, says Denise Skidmore, Director of Education and Public Relations for the company.

Following is the Hilmar statement:

“Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. is an advocate of using safe and proven advancing technology in processing and on farm to improve lives around the world. Technological advancements create healthier people, healthier animals and a more sustainable planet. Years of scientific research, government agencies and global health organizations have firmly stated the safety of rBST and we have long-fought to preserve this tool.

Unfortunately, the outcome of consumer confusion created by absence-based marketing dictates that we transition to rBST free milk by June of 2018. All milk is healthy and nutritious. Rather than differentiating ourselves on production methods; the industry must unite to promote the sustainability and health benefits of dairy milk.”