March 29, 2016

How To Train Managers To Become Valuable Leaders

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

One secret of the Steve Whitesides’ success is their strong staff of managers, whom they trained to be their business’s leaders rather than just workers. To scale your business, you have to do the same.

Bob Grace, an organizational psychologist and consultant at The Leadership Effect, offers the following four tips to train your staff to be leaders for your business:

1. Be aware results won’t always be tangible. Being a leader doesn’t have the same hands-on results as being a manager and doing things yourself.

2. Embrace strategic thinking. Managers often have a hard time learning how to think strategically, such as keeping the organization’s goals in mind. You have to require them to. “It’s about having them think about, participate in and be part of determining what the longer-term direction is,” he says.

3. Avoid micromanaging. Sometimes managers stay too involved in the work their team is doing instead of letting their employees get the work done. That can lead to decreased productivity and lack of leadership. Set a good example by refraining from micro-managing your employees.

4. Teach time management. When you’re training a manager to become a leader, it’s important to help them understand the value of their time. Teach employees to think about whether or not whatever task they are doing is the “best and highest use” of their time, Grace says. As CEO, you should do the same if you want to grow your business.