Milk Headlines
October 24, 2018

ICYMI: 3 Trends From Dairy Producers, PETA’s Strange Milk Claim and More

 |  By: Portia Stewart

What’s keeping dairy producers up at night

Mo milk, mo problems. While many small dairies wonder why consumers now view milk as a four-letter word, large dairies are quick to quip that they aren’t immune either, with some even speculating that the ugly “bankruptcy” word could be on the horizon. And if you think Canadians are A-OK, we say “eh?” Check more about the conversations MILK Editor Mike Opperman has had with small, large and Canadian dairy farmers here.

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If you suffer from high blood pressure, don’t read this

From the outrage output machine also known as PETA, try this one on for size: PETA wants consumers to believe white milk is a symbol of racism. Read Anna-Lisa Laca’s response here. (And don’t forget to take your blood pressure medicine, because we care.)

Millennials: Natural cheese, please!

Processed cheese is out and natural cheese is in, according to the 71 million millennials who boast nearly $200 billion in spending power. The cheese world hasn’t been this much in a whiz since Velveeta put a hit job on cheddar.


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