June 14, 2018

Idaho Processing Plant Expansion To Relieve Capacity Issues

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

This week Idaho Milk Products announced a $26 million expansion to its Jerome facility that will make room for an additional 1 million pounds of milk. 

The vertically integrated company plans to have this expansion, which will increase IMP’s processing capacity by one-third, complete by August 2019. 

“Detailed planning work has already commenced, and the expectation is that the project will be completed by August 2019,” says Ben Quellhorst vice president of operations for Idaho Milk Products. “We are pleased to manage this project through a team of in-house experts and key vendor partners, facilitating project completion by the scheduled date.”

While IMP does process milk from its own farms, the expansion will help relieve some of the region’s milk oversupply because those farms are currently shipping to other processors as well, according to Rick Naerebout, CEO of Idaho Dairymen’s Association.  

Like many parts of the country, Idaho has been dealing with an oversupply of milk for several years. Naerebout estimates the Magic Valley, where the majority of Idaho’s milk is produced, has an excess of more than 2 million pounds of milk every day.

This plant expansion has the potential to absorb roughly half of that excess. IMP processes milk protein concentrate, milk permeate powder and cream.