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April 18, 2018

It’s Better To Be Milking Cows In Wisconsin

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

While milk prices aren’t anything to write home about anywhere in the country, it’s still good to have a Wisconsin address.


Projected mail box prices for the next year show the Badger State is the place to be milking cows compared to California, Michigan or New York. Based on current futures prices, Wisconsin and New York mail box prices will climb above $17/cwt by September, Michigan will get there in October and California will struggle to get to $16 in the next year.



From April 2018 through March 2019, the projected average Wisconsin-California basis was $1.89/cwt, the Wisconsin-New York basis was 17¢/cwt and Wisconsin-Michigan basis was 80¢/cwt, says Brian Gould, a University of Wisconsin dairy economist.


To view projections for mailbox prices, click here. The University of Wisconsin provides projections for 19 states and regions along with a Federal Milk Marketing Order average.


Chart source: University of Wisconsin.


April 2018 through March 2019 forecasted mailbox milk prices.