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October 5, 2018

Labor Becomes Fourth Pillar of FARM Program

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The National Dairy FARM Program announced this week that it was adding Workforce Development as its fourth program area. The other three include animal care, environmental and antibiotic stewardship.


“This new component of the FARM Program offers educational materials tailored to the needs of U.S. dairy farms of all sizes,” says Emily Yeiser Stepp, senior director of the FARM Program.


The Workforce Development program area has two components: Human resources, which focuses on how to best attract, invest in, and retain a professional, high-quality, engaged workforce.


The Safety component outlines how farms can work toward to continually improve on-farm safety. For the safety portion of the initiative, FARM is collaborating with the Idaho Dairymen’s Association (IDA) to develop a safety resources for dairy farm owners and managers.


Some of the resources included in the Workforce Development program include:


State-by-state and federal legal fact sheets that summarize state laws and regulations on a variety of human resource issues for dairy farms, including wages, benefits, payroll, youth employment and more.


The FARM Human Resources Reference Manual that contains a self-assessment and templates, including a sample employee handbook.


• The FARM Safety Reference Manual that provides dairy owners and managers with an overview of safety management best practices, legal considerations and more.


•The program also offers a guide on managing employee housing, which can be accessed here.


“By making these tools available, we will further demonstrate the dairy industry’s existing commitment to continuous improvement in human resources and worker safety,” says Stepp.


For more on the Work Force Development portion, click here.