Manure tanker
June 23, 2016

Manure Spreading on Some Soils Could Be Halted in This Wisconsin County

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

A citizens’ task force, comprised of state and local government officials, farmers, environmentalists and local residents, is suggesting solid manure spreading might have to halted on soils that are less than 12” deep in Kewaunee County, Wis. Liquid manure spreading also would be limited to those soils with at least 24” of depth to bedrock.

The recommendations, reports the Milwaukee Journal this week, are being made by the Groundwater Collaboration Task Force. But they must now go to the state for further action, and no timeline has been set for implementation.

The drastic measures are being proposed after a third of wells tested in the country last fall were found to have unsafe levels of nitrates and coliform bacteria. Neither contaminant, however, has actually been traced back to manure.

Kewaunee County, northeast of Green Bay and making up the lower half of the Door County Peninsula, is home to 98,000 head of dairy cattle, with about half being milking age cows. The county has among the largest number of Confined Animal Feeding Operations in Wisconsin.