Declining bar chart.
April 2, 2020

March Federal Order Prices Drop—Some More Than Others

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The United States Department of Agriculture released Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) prices for March for Class II, III and IV this week, showing that all class prices declined.

Class IV prices, based on butter and powder prices, declined the most to $14.87, down $1.33 from February. Class III prices, based on cheese, were down 75₵ to $16.25, while Class II prices, for soft dairy products, were down just 9₵ to $16.75.

The April Class I price mover, released earlier, came in at $16.64, down 82₵ from March. The table below shows Class prices from the first of the year.




                                                Class I                    Class II                  Class III                 Class IV

January                                $19.01                   $17.05                   $17.05                   $16.65                                  

February                              $17.55                   $16.84                   $17.00                   $16.20

March                                   $17.46                   $16.75                   $16.25                   $14.87

April                                       $16.64

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