4/24/17 March Milk Production
April 20, 2017

March Milk Up 1.7%

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

The United States Department of Agriculture reported this afternoon that March milk production was up another 1.7%, and up 1% for the first quarter of 2017. Cow numbers also jumped an estimated 59,000 head from a year ago.

California, however, did not join in the party, with milk production there down 2.9%. Cow numbers in the Golden state were down an estimated 12,000 head from a year ago, and milk per cow also took a 45 lb. tumble.

The largest milk increase, on a percentage basis, was Texas, up a whopping 16.4%. Cow numbers there were up 47,000, or 10%. New Mexico was also up 9%, with cow numbers up 16,000 head (+5%).

The Midwest also made gains, with Wisconsin up 1.5% in milk; Minnesota, +1.9%; Iowa, +2.3%, Michigan, 3.5%, and South Dakota, 3.7%.

The Northwest saw milk declines, with Idaho down 1% even though cow numbers were up 7,000 head. Washington was down 3.3% and Oregon was down 4%.

Read the full milk production report here.