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March 16, 2020

Minnesota Bill Would Place Moratorium On Large Dairy Expansions

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

A bill introduced into the Minnesota House of Representatives last week would place a 4-year moratorium on the construction or expansion of dairy operations of 1,000 animal units or more.

The bill would prohibit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency from issuing permits for such construction or expansion. The bill is being promoted by the Land Stewardship Project, a small-farm advocacy group that is opposed to large-scale livestock operations.

There is no companion bill in the Minnesota Senate. Nor have any Democratic leaders signed onto the bill in the House. So the bill is unlikely to move forward, and may not even get a hearing in the House this session, says Lucas Sjostrom, executive director of the Minnesota Milk Producers Association.

Just today, the Minnesota Legislature announced it was suspending its operation for 30 days because of the coronavirus pandemic.

You can read more detail on the bill in a Minneapolis Star Tribune article here.