Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton
January 24, 2017

Minnesota Gov Collapses While Talking About Health Care For Dairy Family

 |  By: Jim Dickrell

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (Dem.) collapsed last night during his “State of the State” speech in St. Paul, ironically while talking about rising insurance costs under the Affordable Care Act.

Dayton was about 48 minutes into his speech when he took a drink of water, and started slurring his speech when he tried to continue. He apparently fainted, but was caught by aides before he collapsed to the floor.

Prior to his collapse, Dayton was describing the dilemma of Sherry and Vince Sexton, who own and operate Irish Ridge Dairy near Melville, Minn. Last year, the Sextons’ paid $1,580 per month for health insurance. This year, the premiums climbed to 2,200 per month, a 39% increase.

Dayton has proposed immediate relief by subsidizing health care premiums with a direct payment to health insurance companies. Republicans have countered that proposal by offering tax credits which individuals must first qualify.

After the fainting episode, Dayton recovered consciousness and was taken to the Governor’s Mansion, where aides say he has recovered and is resting comfortably. This is the second time in a year that Dayton fainted while speaking publicly. He turns 70 on Thursday. 

Update: Today, Gov. Dayton revealed in meetings with reporters today that he has prostate cancer and will receive treatment at the Mayo Clinic.