December 31, 2016

Most Read Stories of 2016

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca
Editors Note: There is an old milk price forecast piece included in this round up of stories. It is not intended to be reflective of the current market, but is included in this group of most-read stories because it was one of the most read stories in 2016.

She Called Out Chipotle, and They Answered

It was one of those crazy hot Kansas days last summer that led Lisa Leach on a social media journey that eventually led the Mexican fast food chain Chipotle to give her a call and change, at least in a small way, how it did business.

Cow Flatulence Soon to be Regulated in California

In an effort to continue on a path of enacting aggressive climate change law, the California legislature approved regulations on methane emissions from landfills and dairy farms.

Dairy Margins Forecast Down to the $6.50/cwt Level

For the first time since the Dairy Margin Protection Program has been in operation, milk-feed margins could dip to the $6.50 level later this spring.

Data Shows Most Farmers Had No Chance for Profitability in 2015 [VIDEO]

While milk prices are expected to start climbing out of the gutter over the next several months, cost of production is still top of mind for farmers as they weather low prices.

Mind Your Balance Sheet

Farmers (and frankly, some lenders) place too much focus on the income statement and too little focus on the balance sheet.