October 31, 2016

Mulhern: Non-GMO Pledge is a Disservice to Consumers

 |  By: Anna-Lisa Laca

The annual meeting of the National Milk Producers Federation kicks off today in Nashville with a town hall style meeting. Here farmers are able to ask their questions and voice concerns. There’s no doubt Dannon’s Non-GMO pledge and the recently announced campaign to change the consumer dialogue will be on the list. Dannon’s pledge to go non-GMO is a major problem, Jim Mulhern, CEO of NMPF, told AgriTalk Host Mike Adams earlier this morning.

“They claim they are making [the non-GMO pledge] because it’s a move toward sustainability,” he says. “That was a major concern to us.”

According to Mulhern, more than 90% of the milk produced in the U.S. is produced by cows fed GMO feeds. For Dannon to suggest doing so isn’t sustainable is “a major problem,” he says.

“We know from farm practices that these are technologies that have contributed to improved soil conservation, improved water use, less chemical use, less energy consumption all the major sustainability metrics you want to look at,” Mulhern says.

Furthermore, the milk used by Dannon today is no different than the milk they would use if they went through with the pledge, Mulhern says. “It’s all marketing,” he says. “It’s really a disservice to consumers because you’re suggesting there’s some improvement, some difference in the product when really there’s none.”

Mulhern does not believe in marketing products on claims that have “no basis in science and no basis in fact.”

Listen to the full interview below: